Camino de Santiago in Catalonia, Spain - Day 2 | From Isovol to Pont de Bar


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This was our second day of Cami de Sant Jaume or Catalan Camino de Santiago. The plan was to do the 80 kms in 4 days and get from Llivia village in the province of Girona to Organya in the province of Lleida. It is also called the Camino del Segre, because it follows the stream of the river all the way through crossing the region of Cerdanya and Alt Urgell. It is just a part of the whole Camino de Santiago that can be taken starting from Pyrenees in Spain and moving towards the city of Pamplona where it joins the French Way.

Last night it was raining and thunderstorming a lot so we got up a bit late that day. But we were glad that at least it's not raining during the day. We planned to make 20 kms the same distance as yesterday to the next campground near Pont de Bar. Our muscles were quite sore after the first day of the hike so it was more difficult to start moving. We were running out of the food supplies so we had to hurry up to the supermarket to buy fruit and veggies. And it was the only shop we'll meet in the next 2 days so we had to make sure that we have a good reserve. First stretch of the trail was going through the forestand we enjoyed it very much after having so many field road yesterday. We even met a squirrel on the tree that happens very rarely, so it was a great start of the day. The forest paths very very muddy and slippery so we couldn't move very fast. Then we met an obstacle on the way - lots of water flowing on the trail without any rocks or wood to get over it. So we had to gather and throw our own rock way to be able to get to the other side. And we did, just our socks ended up a bit wet but it wasn't too bad. Overall we met lots and lots of water on the trail probably because of the farmer's work. Then we got to the town Bellver de Cerdanya where we bought lots of food for our supplies. After that hiking started to be quite a bit harder with all that extra weight but we just had no other option than to carry it all with us if we wanted to eat the next day. We got the view of Bellver de Cerdanya standing on top of the hill and it looked like an authentic old village. Then we walked quite a while typical dirt road along the fields, enjoying the mountains backgrounds. At one point there was a crossroad where we turned the wrong direction and had to make an extra loop going uphill and then downhill. But there just wasn't any marking saying the right way, in some places it's just not there and it's quite dissapointing. After walking in the fields for some time we got out to the trail along the mountain cliff and the river Segre, it had lots of shade and we had a nice break there. On the info board we learnt that the fauna of this places is very rich due to the forest and river proximity. And the main inhabitant being the otter that unfortunately is nocturnal and almost impossible to meet during the day. We realized that we hardly met any people on the trail the second day around maybe because it was the middle of the week not sure. But as we enjoy solitude and being lonely - it wasn't a problem for us. After the town Martinet where we bought another bottle of water the last 5 to 7 kms were the hardest ones. We felt like giving up any moment because of being so warm and tired from carrying so much weight. But we made it after having to walk along the speed car road for the last 2 kms and got to the campground almost in the complete dark.

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