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  1. senior67

    senior67 Member

    Has anyone stayed in a bothie overnight while walking ?

    I have done a lot of walks in the Cairngorms and have come across quite a few of them which I use to shelter from rain/snow while having something to drink but never stayed overnight, it is interesting to read the messages of the people who have stayed in the log and where they are going to.
  2. Daddy Pig

    Daddy Pig Regular Member

    I used one up in the cairngorms about 8 years ago. It was pretty cold but some whisky and food helped. They are great for getting you close in for a next day ascent, however on this occassion I spent the first 2 hours trying to get up Derry Caingorm through waist deep snow before abandoning!
  3. Rocky

    Rocky Regular Staff Member

    On the sofa
    I like Gregs hut on the Pennine Way on the way down from Cross Fell

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  4. Grayson

    Grayson Regular Member

    @senior67 I've not experienced a bothy, but like the idea of them having a log / register where visitors can leave messages for those coming after them. Is there a sort of standard format for it, such as name, where you've come from, and where you're headed to when you leave?

    @Daddy Pig sounds like the bothy was a welcome bolt-hole. ^_^

    @Rocky great photos and interesting plaque. You do post some good stuff. :smile:
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  5. OP

    senior67 Member

    In most of the ones I have visited there is a book to put the date, the reason for the visit, weather etc.
    most entries say something like John Smith travelling from/to on the date, weather sunny/rain/snow, stopped for the night.
  6. Kevkev

    Kevkev Regular Member

    Stayed in the Gt Lingy hut NY 312 337 on a couple of occasions, many years ago there was a visitors book. Last year we stayed in there, the walls had been re- paneled and as there was no book all had taken to logging their visit on the walls.

    Also in the Lakes, Warnscale Head NY 204 132 difficult to find in the rain as well camouflaged in amongst old slate mine, a joy to find and use.

    Memorable one is Nant Syddion SN773 791, Best Long drop bog with a stunning view!!
  7. OP

    senior67 Member

    One of my favourites is the bothy at Gelder Shiel on Balmoral, the bothy is behind the sheil that is still used by the Royal Family when they are out riding or hunting, my last visit was interesting when my wife, myself and our 2 dogs turned up there and there were servants there preparing food for the return of the Royals, unfortunately one of our dogs took a dislike to one of the corgis that were there and started a dog fight, we apologised but the servants said not to worry as the corgis are just as bad, as we tried to pull them apart.
    Luckily no damage was done to either dog.
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