Boots for Wide Feet!


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I suffer with my feet! I have broad, flat feet and wear an NHS insole and 5mm riser on my left foot. This solves all my problems in day to day footwear provided I buy extra wide or G fit shoes.

When it comes to walking boots I struggle badly. I recently received a great deal of help from Cotswold Outdoor - service was outstanding - who ordered in a pair of Hanwag Women’s Bunion Boot. I’m not joking.

Sadly these were almost perfect but probably needed to be a fraction wider. These boots were £185 so I wasn’t prepared to take the chance.

I mainly walk low level undulating routes with occasional forays on to the Lake District fells - 2/3 a year.

Recommendations on brands, or even specific boots, which would be worth considering would be great. Preferably leather.


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I too have wide feet and seem to get on well with Brashers. It looks like Berghaus have taken over production of the Hillmaster range. I’d recommend you try on a pair of these.

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Some of the Meindl boots come up wide. Pricey- but the comfort is worth it.
I have wide and flattish feet and side spurs on my heels.... I’m on my second pair of Meindl boots and have never looked back. Compared to my old pair of Scarpa’s the difference is like day and night. The leather is super supple and offers extreme comfort.
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