Black Hole or Exclusion Zone (Xzone) or whatever they are called - no go areas on maps


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An exclusion zone is like a black hole on the map; when you have an objective but you are frustrated by a complete lack of footpaths or other RoW to get to your destination.

Some areas of Open Access are not accessible, because no RoW's lead to them, but what if a large area without Right of Way has an impact on reaching certain goals, should this be a matter for criticism?

Looking online at older maps, there’s a footpath shown that roughly falls in line with a route across area X from a wartime issue of the OS. These old maps do not legally prove a right of way, but they do show where generations before us had access. If those old routes coincide with a way that might be of public interest today, is it not worthwhile exploring them?

What do you think would be the consequences of exploring these black holes (outside of praying on your conscience)?
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