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Well worth the asterisk and a few more besides.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered some replacement insteps straps for my gaiters from Bl*cks. Click and collect. I ordered on the Sunday knowing I would be passing a Blacks the following Thursday.

Come Wednesday and no news for three days after I had been told the goods were in the warehouse. I sent an email to Bl*cks customer 'care' explaining that I would only be passing the chosen store the following day and if they weren't there by then it would have been a wasted exercise.

I got the standard response explaining that they only promised to deliver in 3 to 5 working days and if they didn't arrive in time I could cancel the order and re-order by a different, more expensive delivery option. I sent another email pointing out that delivery in 5 working days wouldn't fix my problem. I got a reply implying I was being unreasonable. I made an international phone call and the woman promised to call the warehouse and call me back. She didn't.

The goods didn't arrive in time so customer care said they would arrange a refund. They didn't. Eventually after another chasing email they arranged a refund less the click and collect fee.

What a great way to destroy loyalty and goodwill. If that is how the customer care team operates goodness knows what the rest of the company is like.


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Oh no!! That sounds like awful customer service. It’s almost as though they don’t care. Grrrrrr
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