Are these the right shoes?


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Hi there!

I want to start going to work on foot - which would make my one-way trip about an hour and a half. I'm trying to find the right kind of shoes (first pair I'll buy would just be as a test, to see if I like walking to work every day). Someone wants to give me these shoes in the picture(s), but I have no idea if they are the right kind? I would just be walking on the street / pavement, but with my current sneakers, after a day or two my toes start to ache a bit...

Thank you for helping me out!! :smile::smile::smile:

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(PS I know this forum is more about actual hiking! Sorry for being the biggest amateur on here :blush: )


If they fit your feet and are comfortable then they are the right shoes! Your choice of socks will also have some effect, I would suggest a merino wool blend and not cheap nylon athletic socks as these could promote sweating , friction, and then blisters.
Also, the shoe should have a decent insole, or foot bed. If you pull them out and they are thin pieces of foam get rid of them and replace with a sorbothane foot bed or something like a Superfeet insole. You will be walking on a hard surface so the insole needs some shock protection built in at the heel. Good luck.
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