Any good cloud stories or photos?


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Clouds can often precipitate precipitation, spoil a good view, infuriate when yomping in low cloud, ruin a good sunrise or sunset – but can also provide cover from a blistering sun (allegedly) and cause you to remember moments when the cloud clears or you emerge from the mist to see a stunning vista laid out before you.

Anyone got any good cloud stories or photos?


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Trekking in Nepal - the Annapurna Sanctuary trek. Every afternoon the clouds would gather, and it would often rain and sometimes thunder.
As everyone went to bed early (8 o'clock early) and had often been drinking lots of lemon tea or ginger tea (in my case) a trip outside to the loo was invariably necessary in the wee small hours. I was lucky enough to be there when the moon was full. By that time in the morning the skies had cleared, and the view of snow-capped peaks was absolutely stunning - all the better for not having seen that view on arrival because of the clouds. I stood and gawped most nights until my toes were almost frozen (not having put full kit on for a loo trip!)


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This photo was taken on 31 Dec 2008 on Wether Fell just above Hawes.......nice example of temperature inversion leading to low level clouds. We were at about 600m (Hawes is at about 250m above sea level)

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