A 'British' phenomenon ?


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I say British but have noted it in Scotland :tongue: as well, no matter how high or how tough the walk or hike, regardless of the amount of kit it is deemed required to complete, when walking in the British Isles I can guarantee at the summit or hardest point of any climb/ walk/ ramble or expedition there will allways be, without fail, a frail little old lady dressed only in tweeds and a pair of brogues walking a small dog.:wacko:


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That sounds very familiar. Another one is the car park hidden behind the summit. I have often completed testing climbs, especially in the Peak District, to be greeted at the top by families in shorts and flip flops who have strolled the 100m from the council run car park on the other side of the ridge :rolleyes:
I have always wanted my very own stalker:crazy:
Don't encourage him :rolleyes:
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