$25 QUECHUA MH100 vs $250 MSR ELIXIR 2 - Cheap vs Expensive tent comparison


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View: https://youtu.be/jJOVFoiBPB8

In this video we are going to compare two self-standing 2 person tents from different price categories. One tent would be really cheap – Quechua MH100 this one. And one on a more expensive side – MSR Elixir 2. They have similar weight and dimensions and we wanted to explore what would be the major differences. So the MSR tent we bought just recently as an upgrade for our backpacking trips. And this Quechua tent we’ve had almost for two years now and it was used mostly by our family members when they were coming to visit us and we stayed in the campgrounds. Hope you find this fun little comparison useful in some way.

Disclaimer: We have no affiliation with the brands mentioned in this video.

What do you think of these tents? What kind of tent you have now and how you like it? We are always in search for a good quality budget friendly options and we would love to explore the different gear and maybe find other tent suitable for us.
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