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    Compact camera for hiking/running. Tried Canon, heard good things re: Nikon - any recommendations?

    I'm after a little compact for hiking/running - any recommendations? I usually have a canon but I've heard good things about nikon lately.
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    Hiking on Mt Tamalpais, nr San Francisco

    My family and I have just moved back to the UK (August '17) after living in the San Francisco area for seven years. Here's a report of a hike we did earlier that year on Mt Tamalpais, the mountain overlooking SF. It's my favourite place to hike (and run) and these trails are my very favourite...
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    Pewsey Downs - Avebury loop

    We had no real firm plans for this hike except to park at the Pewsey Down Car Park and we thought we’d head north towards Avebury. We expected to do about six miles. It was a beautiful morning, chilly but bright with sunshine. For the first mile, we walked near a group of women all walking...
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    Hiking the Pewsey Downs to Oare

    A few weeks ago, the Husband and I took advantage of grandparent babysitters and set out for a hike. We parked our car at the Pewsey Downs car park and headed east towards the little village of Oare. Oare (pronounced Orrr) nestles in the most gorgeous horseshoe-shaped swirl of hills. We planned...
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