Trophies Awarded to walkingnatureworld

  1. 25
    Awarded: Mar 3, 2019

    Thanks for posting

    25 posts, well done, you’re getting the hang of this. :D

  2. 50
    Awarded: Feb 13, 2019

    Six months in

    You've been with us six months. That's great. Would you like a trophy? Yes? Okay, here you go!

  3. 20
    Awarded: Dec 8, 2018

    Keep 'em coming

    You've posted 10 times, great stuff, thanks for your contribution.

  4. 10
    Awarded: Nov 10, 2018

    Trophy of Trophies!

    You've got a trophy for winning trophies - yeah :)

  5. 40
    Awarded: Nov 10, 2018

    Three months in

    Three months since you registered. Go figure. Hey, guess what? It's trophy time again :)

  6. 30
    Awarded: Oct 28, 2018

    Two months in

    You've been a member for two months. It's trophy time again. Wahey!

  7. 20
    Awarded: Oct 28, 2018

    A month in

    You've been a member for a month. Where does the time go? Have another trophy :)

  8. 10
    Awarded: Aug 26, 2018

    A week in

    Great to see you back. You've been a member for a week. Have a trophy :)

  9. 10
    Awarded: Aug 12, 2018

    First message

    You've made your first post - congratulations!

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