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    Mundane news

    Happy New Year
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    Regatta walking boots - any good?

    Post new year and thinking about doing some walking again to burn off all the choccies. I don't have a big budget and Regatta have got a sale on at the moment - - with savings of up to 60%, so I wondered if they are a good...
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    Those little luxuries that make hiking so much better

    Whilst soft toilet paper needs no explanation, what other little luxuries make your hiking so much better?
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    Letterewe & Fisherfield

    Oh how I wished I lived near there ... amazing scenery, you lucky man, and how cute is that Ptarmigan chick? :smile: Great pics.
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    Hello, fancy a brew?

    <tops up the tea bags an coffee and sneaks a quick biscuit while no one is looking> :whistle:
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    Anti-chaffing cream

    Thanks for the product recommendations, and some interesting ideas about clothing. I know in cycling sometimes you don't wear underwear under your gear? Is that right? Would that apply to walking too or is that cycling specific? I'll ask about what sort of trousers they were wearing - are...
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    Do you tape your feet / toes?

    I was reading on another site and someone talked about taping their feet to prevent blisters, but I couldn't quite figure out which bit of the foot or what sort of tape. Is this a common practice with walkers or were they just a bit of an oddball?
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    Greetings from the beach.

    Hello :hello:
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    New Member

    :welcome: Hello
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    I'm a celebrity ... get me out of here!

    Not got a big fan base here then ... :laugh: What I like about it is that their "celebrity" doesn't seem to feature in how they are treat, fed, assigned tasks, etc. and they do genuinely seem to suffer in some of the tasks; which, when you imagine the pampered life some of them may lead, must...
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    I'm a celebrity ... get me out of here! Back on in a few days, anyone watch it?
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    Anti-chaffing cream

    Talking to someone yesterday about soreness in the upper thigh and groin area on long walks (where underwear sits in the creases and rubs) and wondered if anyone uses anti-chaffing cream and what products you'd recommend?
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    What's your favourite musical?

    Just wondering if any of you enjoy musicals and have a favourite (or if you can't pick just one, a shortlist)?
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    How do you deal with blisters? Pop and peel or leave them to heal?

    Assuming most of you have had at least one blister, if not more, how do you treat them? Do you leave them to heal without bursting them? Drain and dress them? Or pop them and peel the skin off?
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    Train fares - how do buy your tickets and do you get them in advance or use a Railcard?

    Do any of you use trains to get to your walking destination? If so, do you buy your tickets well in advance of the planned walk, or do you use a Railcard to get a discount that way (or both)? There just seem to be all sorts of different prices, and I've even heard of people getting two trains...
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