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    Hanwag Boots

    I bought a pair of Hanwag boots in January 2018 and used them for walking the dog on a daily basis. The sole of the boot was destroyed within 12 months Hanwag rejected a warranty claim because of excessive wear and tear. They should stipulate that their boots are for decoration and not serious wear.
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    Mundane news

    Viv Richards and Joel Garner are walking over Sydney harbour bridge and need to relieve themselves, Viv turns to Joel and says the water cold and Joel replies yay and it's not very deep. ^_^
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    Mundane news

    The local tipple for Sydney, back in the day. View:
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    Mundane news

    Hi Rocky, the AFL season starts on Thursday the 22nd of March. See if you can get to a game well worth it.
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    Mundane news

    My office used to overlook both the bridge and the opera house, makes me feel homesick.
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    Time Machine walk (if you could safely walk through any event in history)

    The Eureka stockade has achieved a mythical status in Australia: Geoffrey Blainey wrote: Eureka became a legend, a battlecry for nationalists. republicans, liberals, radicals, or communists, each creed finding in the rebellion the lessons they liked to see. Or as Evatt wrote: "The Eureka...
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    Water filter for wild camping

    In 1992 I cycled down the national horse trail in Australia (Cook Town to Melbourne) the Katadyn was invaluable, tablets upset my stomach. No upset tummies or problems with parasites and we drunk some really dodgy water.
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    Do any of you go walking on your own? How safe is it?

    When walking alone in oz I always left a copy of my route and itinerary with somebody.
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    Walking shoes or walking boots for spring and summer months (next year)?

    my objective is to keep my feet dry, (dog walking through long grass) at the moment I use wellingtons, not very stable underfoot otherwise work well.
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