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    Bum bag recommendations

    I'm looking for recommendations for what I would call a "bum bag". I think the Americans call them a "fanny pack"? A pouch on a belt strap that fits around your waist. I'd like a reasonable sized one that is comfortable, waterproof / weatherproof in terms of showers and storms, and that is...
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    How's your walking knowledge and map reading skills?

    7 of 9 for me. Failed on the distance one and the town one.
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    La Palma Walks

    From the reports it looks like you had a great time. Was it cold? I know from visits to other islands in the Canaries that it can be very windy in exposed areas. Did this make it feel chillier or was it a warm wind?
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    Are all Trig Points in public areas or are some off limits?

    I feel I should know this but what is a Trig Point?
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    Hillgoers Warned about Magnets in Clothing

    Just wanted to share this in case it is useful. Mountain safety experts have warned against a worrying trend in the outdoor clothing market. Magnetic closures on gloves and jackets are being marketed as the modern alternative to Velcro or...
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    The Long Pathway - Te Araroa

    It does sound fabulous enbee, but sadly I'm not at liberty to take you up on the offer. Look forward to reading about it though. :smile:
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    What is a windshirt? Wind shirts are very thin lightweight jackets, pullovers, or anoraks that hikers wear in windy conditions. Weighing 2 to 4 ounces, they pack up to the size of an apple making them incredibly easy to carry and pack. Wind shirts are usually made out...
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    Hello to you all.

    Hello :smile:
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    The Long Pathway - Te Araroa

    Good luck. That looks like quite an adventure. Is there a lot of climbing / scrambling involved?
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    Time Machine walk (if you could safely walk through any event in history)

    Walking with the dinosaurs would be quite cool.
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    What goes in your flask for a big cold day out?

    No flask for me either. Just water.
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    Do any of you still use paper maps?

    I was just musing over what would happen if OS stopped making paper maps. Do any of you still use paper maps when you go walking? Maybe in areas you don't know or as a backup in case your phone or GPS runs out of power?
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    Mundane news

    :rain: in buckets today. Staying in to :cuppa: and :reading:.
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    Experiences of walking or hiking in a group?

    I think that sums it up for me too. I don't mind an occasional group walk, if it's a particularly leisurely one and everyone is ambling and there's no pressure to reach certain goals by certain times. They're enjoyable, but the pace is a lot slower and I can only take so much ambling before the...
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