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    Camping pillow - unnecessary luxury or essential?

    Nope but this time of year I've been known to take a hot water bottle. :cold:
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    Do any of you still use paper maps?

    Big fan of paper maps.
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    Mundane news

    We had another 10 bags of logs delivered.
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    Hi, hello, hi *waves*

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    Mundane news

    Maz's Grand-daughter had a 2nd child, a daughter 6lbs 8oz no name yet. Maz is going down at the weekend to visit and then on with a different Grand-daughter to Centre-Parc for a midweek break.
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    What have I done?!?

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    Greetings from the beach.

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    Hello from me....

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    Cooking Gear

    Ah but can you use it as 'emergency loo roll' :whistle:
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    Forum View

    I wondered how to get to the 'homepage' too, thanks.
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    Do you have a favourite Christmas record

    I much prefer Christy Moore's version. View:
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    Mundane news

    Lets just hope @Hill Wimp doesn't start posting photos of her and Fabbers trip to Scotland here too, she can start her own thread so we can choose to see em. Not that I'm jealous or anything you understand, :whistle:
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    Mundane news

    Sounds like good advice to me. :cheers:
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    What sort of things do you cook up when you're camping?

    For Heinz tinned stuff Ravioli has to be up there too, and there is only 1 soup for camping...............................Mulligatawny :hyper:
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