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    What is your favourite time of year to go walking?

    I rather enjoy autumn; the colours, cooler air, the transition to winter slowly taking place amongst the trees, plants and wildlife. How about you? What is your favourite walking season?
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    I used to do orienteering in the Scouts but have never come across it since

    Not orienteering specifically, but in the scouts we were taught to use a map and compass and refer to features of interest in the landscape to get our bearings such as windmills, church steeples, etc. Not a skill I've found a use for since.
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    Lake District - a wet day's walk from Elterwater

    Love this picture. It leaves me wondering how many hundreds of years old it is. Was there any more info about it?
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    Do you think campsites would have a problem with you sleeping in your car?

    Ah, I see where the request for tents and sleeping bags has come from now. Should have read this one first. You may find that some of the small sites, in particular those attached to farms, may be more accommodating of your request to sleep in your car, and if it is only going to be for a few...
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    Leisure tents

    I expect it will be a large family tent with an awning and/or canopy that can accommodate larger groups of people than a regular 2 or 4 berth tent.
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    Can you recommend an easy to put up two person tent and sleeping bags

    A couple of suggestions. Have a look at the Vango Nyx 200 2-Person Tent £70.00 (although if either of you are taller than 5' 10" it might not be long enough): Slightly more expensive is the OEX Bandicoot II 2 Man Semi-Geodesic Tent £180.00...
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    Hi from Oxfordshire

    Hello Rocky. Do you enjoy boxing too (Rocky?).
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    Hi from Shropshire.

    Hello Phil.
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    Water filter for wild camping

    Hence the suggestion for purification tablets. If there are bits and pieces and detritus in the water, pouring it through tights or a sock (unworn, or course) will remove those, without the need for an expensive gadget.
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    Do you prefer walking alone or with other people?

    I generally walk on my own, enjoying the fresh air, exercise, and solitude and whilst I'm not unfriendly to other walkers who say hello or want to occasional chat, I'm not sure I would enjoy it as much if someone else was with me. I suppose a big part of that is being used to being on my own...
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    Is there a walk around Lake Windermere that doesn't hug the shoreline all the way?

    Have a look at The Windemere Way.
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    How do you put a picture next to your text?

    Thank you. Regards Pod
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    How do you put a picture next to your text?

    I have got the hang of making new conversations and replying to ones other people have made but I don't know what it is called, the picture next to the text you type - how does one go about adding a picture there? Regards Pod
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    What is the furthest away place from your home that you've been on a walk?

    Just interested to see how far away your walking interest has taken you? Could be the other side of the county you live in. The other side of the country even. Or maybe you've gone as far away as leaving your own country to go walking in another? Some pictures would be nice too. I'm very...
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    Water filter for wild camping

    If you intend to collect reasonably clear stream water then a device like that is just going to take up excess space in your kit bag, when a simple pack of purifier tablets will do just as good a job (if not better). Just take two 1 litre plastic bottles and when the first is empty, fill it...
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