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    Have you ever got to a point when climbing where you can't go up and have to come down?

    Really, go on then, I have to ask - how do you know this? ^_^
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    Today I listened to this ...

    Dusty Springfield Son of a Preacher Man View:
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    Are there separate trails for people who want to go hiking instead of walking?

    When I looked at the hiking section on here the other day I wondered if there were separate trails for people who prefer to go hiking? You know, more ups and downs, bits to climb up, things like that? More heavy going than a regular low-level walk.
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    Have you ever got to a point when climbing where you can't go up and have to come down?

    I have never tried climbing but hope to give it a go someday and wondered if any of you who climb have ever got to a point where you have to stop and go back / down, or do you always manage to find a way to reach the top?
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    Would a Mountain Skills course be useful?

    Thanks. I'll have a look online and see what's out there. I hadn't considered teaching myself, but I suppose I could give it a try and if I can't get the hang of it, come here and ask for some more help. Wow, thanks, sounds like you know your stuff. :notworthy: I hadn't been thinking in those...
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    Why do you choose to walk and how did your walking journey start?

    There are any number of outdoors pursuits that are more exciting and fast paced than walking, so why did you end up choosing walking and how did you get started? Did someone introduce you or did it just develop naturally from short occasional walks into something bigger?
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    Would a Mountain Skills course be useful?

    I'd like to do some more advanced walks and tackle some challenging terrain. Would a Mountain Skills course be worthwhile to get some experience and build confidence? This site seems to be pretty good, any advice welcome:
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    What is scrambling?

    Scrambling is probably best described as the middle ground between walking and climbing. Basically, if you need to use your hands to make headway, you're scrambling. Walkers often progress from low-level easy walks to more challenging days out that involve scrambling; sometimes presenting...
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    What are trophies?

    I just got the Keep 'em coming one. Is this like crack cocaine for forum members? :highfive:
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    Hello, fancy a brew?

    Count me in - Cappuccino, no sugar please. :thumbsup:
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    Do you still walk as much during the winter months?

    Winter doesn't really make much of a difference to the amount of walking, just how we dress for it. We don't get to go walking every week though due to various family and work commitments, so we're not necessarily all that frequent to begin with. :smile:
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    Fancy a beer?

    Not really a fanatic of the craft beer scene, but had one of these bought for me recently and enjoyed it (it tasted of beer and went down okay):
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    What is the best way of drying leather boots?

    As per what @LeeDonny describes, with the addition of using a lightly damp cloth to clean off any salt residue once the boots are dry and before you wax them.
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    Your worst beginner’s mistake?

    Not taking account of how much energy is needed to do long, all-day walks. Took a basic pack-up of jam sarnies, banana, salted crisps and a flapjack but it wasn't enough to sustain me for a full days walking and by late afternoon I was flagging and having to eat a kindly donated Mars bar and...
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    Do you ever walk barefoot?

    Not something I've thought about or tried. Always use footwear of some description or other; breathable shoes in summer, boots in winter. I suppose I might give it a try were I ever to go to somewhere like Africa, of some place where it was dry and the locals walk barefoot all the time, but not...
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