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    Do any of you still use paper maps?

    For me I like to carry a physical map if I'm out for a planned walk as I like to be mostly tech free. Occasionally with a Garmin200 stuffed in my bag recording where I've been, just for info at a later date and a phone for emergencies. If I'm just navigating in normal everyday situations when a...
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    I have a rough idea of what Geocaching is but could someone explain in more detail please?

    This has just peaked my curiosity, again. I'd started the British Cycle Quest but going to be very infrequently be able to continue that for a while, due to the large distances between points, as now with a 1 year old I don't have the time for audaxing/cycle travel, so Geocaching could be a fun...
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    Newbie from Derbyshire !

    Hi Nunar, hope you're enjoying your adventure!
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    All female walking group

    Have you thought about contacting the Canal & River Trust? They've recently gone through a rebranding and are firmly positioning themselves not only as championing the waterways but the also the wellbeing that being by the water can bring. It goes beyond boaters and supports all towpath users...
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    Hi there

    Thanks for the welcome. I asked Shaun to change my username from stonechat to Gritstone (thanks by the way!). I realised there was an active Cycle Chat user with the name Stonechat, I'm not him and didn't want to cause any confusion. Gritstone comes from the 'Derbyshire Gritstone' breed of...
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    Hi there

    Hi there, I'm new to the forum so thought I'd best introduce myself. I live in the North West of the UK, just North of Manchester to be more precise. I enjoy walking, hiking, cycling and camping. Not so keen on heights but I'm getting much better. I've recently become a dad, so walking will be...
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