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    Boots for Wide Feet!

    I have wide and flattish feet and side spurs on my heels.... I’m on my second pair of Meindl boots and have never looked back. Compared to my old pair of Scarpa’s the difference is like day and night. The leather is super supple and offers extreme comfort.
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    Your photo of the day

    A short walk around the village dragging my daughter on her tobbogan...
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    It's snowing

    I'm supposed to be driving from Dartmoor to Poole tomorrow... not sure I'm gonna make it even with winter tyres on the car! I'll pack my thermos and sleeping bag... might even stick the tent in!
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    It's snowing

    Just a couple of snowflakes in Devon but the temperatures getting down to -6C tonight. Typical rhat the boiler stopped working this morning...
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    The Long Pathway - Te Araroa

    I've done a bit of walking in NZ and i reckon the logistics are probably going to be the biggest problem for you. I know a lot of the accommdation gets booked up well in advance on a number of the trails as they are so popular so you will have to make it run like clockwork. Good luck and I...
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    Is it me or is the weather on anyone else's nerves...

    Well, yesterday was the first day that it’s not rained here for as long as I can remember and today looks ok. Yesterday I watched the blue sky from my window as I recover from Norovirus.... typical! It’ll probably be raining again next week...
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    Hillgoers Warned about Magnets in Clothing

    Or was it a case of the map reader getting the needle the wrong way around...
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    Is it me or is the weather on anyone else's nerves...

    I can't remember the last time it didn't rain cycling these days is on a turbo trainer.
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    Is it me or is the weather on anyone else's nerves...

    Just thought I'd say this but down in darkest Devon the weather has been so bad this last 12 months I want to move to a warmer climate. Anyone else completely hacked off in other parts of the country?
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    How's your walking knowledge and map reading skills?

    Map leg end at 8 out of 9.... didn't realise Notts was so close to Birmingham...
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    I used one up in the cairngorms about 8 years ago. It was pretty cold but some whisky and food helped. They are great for getting you close in for a next day ascent, however on this occassion I spent the first 2 hours trying to get up Derry Caingorm through waist deep snow before abandoning!
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    Do any of you still use paper maps?

    I would have the gps in my rucksack when in the mountains for when the clag comes in and just assures me of my location. Mine is an old skool garmin like yours. Only good for giving a grid reference mind but that’s all I ever need!
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    Do any of you still use paper maps?

    Prefer paper maps myself... easier to look at in the pub route planning with a couple of beers and good friends... a free digital one from os is useful addition though.
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    What goes in your flask for a big cold day out?

    Talisker whisky... ...nothing warms me quicker than a wee dram!
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    Crossing streams - how do you approach it?

    They need to plan their route a bit better to avoid them! Northern Dartmoor is more bleak with less paths and few bridges, however with forward planning and a little knowledge you can avoid most streams up there.
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